Small business management is one of the leading ideas for financial growth and freedom. Over the last years small businesses have boomed the economy and have provided jobs to thousands of individuals in every age group and field of expertise. The economy has since been declining. According to the SBA statistics shows that 50% of small businesses fail within the first two years of start up. We strongly believe that such failures could be avoided with proper consultation and business planning. Without proper guidance and assessment, your company may be at risk for failure or slow growth. Don’t make the same mistakes others make and if you find yourself failing, its not too late…. Call us for a free no obligation assessment of where you are heading and ways to get positive results.

Training And Management Solutions is here to help your business grow in the direction you want it to go. We provide the tools and personal guidance to you without the high cost.
Our Business consulting consist of a combination of training… coaching…tools and materials that when unify will give you the success to want.

T.A.M.S Business Plan is well research and define but above all tailored to your needs.

Business plans are used for a variety of reasons during a business lifetime. Multiple use includes -- structured plan of action or start up  and expansion capital. If needed Training And Management Solutions will customize a business plan to suit your need. Your business plan will provide a monthly projection for the first 12 months followed by yearly projection up to another 4 years. The financial aspect of the business plan will itemize each income and expense stream in categories for your company, including built out services. This will allow you and your sources to evaluate the initial capitalization and working capital needed until sufficient cash flow is obtain or verified for your day-to-day running of the company.

Expansion plans preparation and analysis

If you are planning to expand, Training And Management Solutions can project the expansion cost and show you the profitability of the expansion and determine your new break-even point for the expanded operation.


For a detailed list and description of services

Please call one of our qualified consultants at 954-446-4863 or send us an email. at: Your first consultation is free and there is no obligation.